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Katherine Whitehead

Katherine Whitehead

"I started setting up the space for All About the Bride in April of 2018, but I had my first appointment on June 1st 2018. 

A good friend of mine planted the idea in my head. The more I thought about it I realized it was the perfect business for me to be in!

I got married not too long ago and I had high expectations about what I thought the wedding dress shopping experience was going to be like. Let’s just say it wasn’t what I had hoped for so now I work hard to create a wonderful experience for other brides. 

We provide a stress-free and fun environment for you to find your gown. You’ll have the entire space to yourself so we’ll play your favorite music and only focus on you and your vision.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during this process. Just remember to focus on how you feel in the gowns and stay true to your vision! If you stay true to your vision you’ll never regret your decision."


Katherine Whitehead

Katherine Whitehead

Katherine Whitehead


My name is Katherine Whitehead.

 Jenifer has given me the opportunity to be the Marketing and Communications Coordinator/Assistant to the Owner at All About the Bride. 

I am so thrilled to begin this new journey, and I know I will be able to learn so much from this experience. 

I know I will have so much fun helping brides find their perfect dress, and being a part of this special day for each of them. 

Also, I am more than thrilled to help her in launching the blog, and writing, researching, and sharing ALL things wedding with you all!